Suining Europe-America Industrial Park Suining Europe-America Industrial Park


  • Well-developed Integrated Transportation

    Suining is the second largest transportation hub in Sichuan,There are crisscrossed provincial highways, national highways, expressways and railways in urban areas, and an integrated transportation network of major railways, airlines, sea-railway transportation and road-river transportation has been formed.

  • The Vast Economic Hinterland

    Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone is the "fourth pole" of China's economy and an important economic center in Western China. The land area is 206 thousand square kilometers, the gross domestic product is 43000 billion yuan, and the market volume is huge.

  • Low Production

    There are abundant reserves of water, electricity, oil, natural gas and bittern in Suining.

  • High Quality

    Suining is located in the southwest China Science and education center. Colleges and universities gather the Sichuan University, the University of Electronic Science and technology, Chongqing University, Southwest Jiao Tong University, Southwestern University and so on. The graduates of undergraduate degree above the undergraduate level are up to 250 thousand. As the base of Vocational Education in Western China, there are 29 vocational and technical training schools, and more than 60 thousand of the senior and senior technical talents are graduated, and more than 40% of them have chosen to be employed locally in Suining, and the basic labor force is sufficient.

  • Development of urban industry

    Suining, the city where the industrial park is located, has developed into an ideal place to undertake industrial transferring investment.

  • Suining Europe-America Industrial Park

    Suining Europe-America Industrial Park, established in March 2017, is a relatively independent intelligent manufacturing park jointly constructed by the government and enterprises within the Suining National Economic-Technological Development Area. The planned area of phase I is 735 mu. It was constructed from December 2017 and been put into operation in July 2018. A high-standard and modern factory, office and supporting facilities have been built in Startup Area of the Industrial Park. High-end equipment, electronic information, auto parts, and industrial services, etc. are introduced, aiming to build it into a model of operation and service of industrial parks in western China.

  • 3,000Mu

    Planning area

  • 735Mu

    Primary area

  • 5 Billion yuan

    One-stage investment

  • 100,000

    Project under construction

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